STEHA-Elektronik stands for careful and precise manufacturing with comprehensive process reliability. All production steps and processes are subject to strict and continuous quality management. Expert knowledge, long-term experience as well as high-quality material and modern technology are the corner stones of our products. Consistent application of quality assurance according to ISO 9001 is not just a formality for us, but rather stems from our desire to always strive to fulfill the high demands of our customers.

Unsere Leistungen umfassen unter anderem:

  • Quality checks before production begins:
    • Verifying data is complete and unambiguous
    • Design for Manufacturing support possible for external developments, to achieve best quality and cost/benefit ratio
    • Identification of alternative components if necessary
    • Communication and support in reacting to product change notifications, sourcing of hard to get or obsolete components where alternatives are not possible (Obsolescence Management)
    • Specimen testing
  • All production in ESD controlled environment and by trained workers
  • Manual and Automated Optical Inspection (AOI device):
    • Presence/absence check, tomb stone detection
    • Soldering check (too little/too much solder, bad solder joint, solder bridges etc.)
    • Correct positioning (orientation, polarity, offset etc.)
    • Value checking if possible (text/colors/marker)
    • any other defects (e.g. contamination)
  • End-of-line ICT & functional testing with custom developed testing devices (e.g. bed of nails adapters and/or electronics on PCB):
    • Short circuits
    • Functional testing of protection components
    • Verification of voltages under defined load
    • Programming of testing software for functional tests of CPU/MCU/ICs
    • Verification of precision and noise of analog components according to specification
    • Burn-In tests
    • Flashing of production software (including verification)
  • Isolation test for complete devices with rubber connectors
  • Documentation of test results
  • Support with pre- and certification tests EMC
  • Other tests for special cases

AOI device
AOI device (Automated Optical Inspection) for automatical assessment of production and soldering results

Image of the ISO 9001 Certificate