Hardware und Software Entwicklung Beispielbild

Hardware and Software Engineering

We develop hardware and software fully in-house, from product concepts to completed solution. This way, the customer receives both electronics as well as the individual software that is needed from the same party, which ensures a precise and tight integration. Our devices contain only exactly what is required, lowering cost and increasing quality, and benefit from a large body of experience with technologies ranging from classic Intel 8051 MCUs programmed in assembler to modern embedded Linux systems and Cloud Computing.

An overview of our engineering services:

  • Requirements Engineering & System Specification
  • Hardware Engineering
    • Common CAD-Systems
  • Circuit Design
    • Board layout
    • Construction and assembly
  • Software Engineering
    • Assembler
    • C, C++
    • Java
    • Python
    • Javascript, HTML5, CSS
    • and others if required
  • Communication specifications
    • Protocol definitions
    • Internet connectivity
    • Security measures (e.g. VPNs, encryption, firewalls etc.)
    • Development of or integration into existing Clouds, e.g. for data acquisition and processing
  • Technical Documentation